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download (2)There are several strategies to tracking down new leads. I am by no means an expert in marketing but I have looked around and can save you the time of day dreaming new places to find open bid requests.

This article isn’t about advertising for a single job because that’s a whole separate issue. This article is about finding sources of continued leads. A water well would make a good analogy because it’s a place you can return every so often to draw upon it’s resources.


1) Municipal

Every city has a RFP department. RFP is an acronym for request for proposal .This city department will have a section on their website, an email list or a database company that is responsible for getting these requests to potential vendors. Simply search the internet with the cities name followed by the phrase “RFP” or “bid request”. If you don’t find any clear results then it’s best to call the city and ask around because they may have a posting at city hall or an email list for contractors to sign onto.


2) Large Company Portals

Large company portals work the same way as a municipality. The have a department responsible for procurement of construction contracts. Nearby to me their is the port of Los Angeles which has a special web portal just for construction vendors. But many companies have at least one person who is responsible for such activity. Try doing an internet search with the company name and the phrase “RFP” to see what shows up. Or you can search through their contacts and find the facilities manager. Don’t harass these people but just send them a postcard or email once a year. If they ever need someone they will remember your yearly email blast even if they never bother to read it.

3) Design Professionals

These people are first in the loop for every project and the turn a large amount of work. It’s really hard to get in good with design professionals because they already have so many industry contacts. Collect emails from their firms employees and send them an annual or bi-annual email blast. At some point they will need an extra bidder and you will be that fly in their ear who gets your shot at biding. If you make a good impression on them it could lead to repeat business.

4) Real Estate Businesses

Realtors, escrow companies and management companies are dealing with real estate all day. Like the design professionals they will not care about you until they need you. But like I mention above the process of getting their business is through referrals or just plain being available. Send out your email blasts on an annual basis and if something comes up and there is no one to turn too they may just give you a call.


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