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readingNotice these books are books for business success. Let me explain something. You won’t get every job, but it shouldn’t be because you are not the first choice of every customer. You should always be the first choice but its sometimes the second or third choice who gets the job because they are discounting prices.

The reason people will want to hire you first is because you are smart . If you can take the time to read  these books and understand them then you will be the first choice of every customer. People always prefer to hire someone who is not only knowledgeable about construction, but knowledgeable about business,politics, economics etc because ultimately they are trusting you with their money. Customers, especially on larger projects, prefer not to trust dumb people with their hard earned money.


Uncle Eric Collection

These books are the absolute #1 set of books available on the subject of economics and politics available today. There are many more advanced books available but these books are simple and easy to read . I found them entertaining and they gave me access to a world of new knowledge. In my honest opinion these are a must read. Reading these books will double your lifetime income.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

I’m sure you have heard of these books. They are extremely popular and they offer practical advice on how to build wealth for a beginner. It doesn’t matter if you earn 30k or 500k annually this book applies to you. The irony of reading this book was that once I understood the lessons within I began seeing the same strategy being employed by wealthy people in my own life.


Sun Tzu: The art of war

This book is only for those who really wanna be successful. Its not an easy read. Its wasn’t written by some smug journalist looking to sell copy. It was written by a Chinese war philosopher thousand of years ago. But the the lesson are timeless. The book will challenge you to be a better person. To understand things in a new perspective. Sun Tzu’s focus is on risk management and instead of dealing within the boring context of modern paperwork and analysis he paints a picture of ancient warfare. As you read through I suspect you will be able to apply the lessons of managing a large army with your daily mission of managing people and money to complete your own projects.



The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

In this book a very talented man compiles his life lessons which are a study of both himself and those around him and urges the reader to continue his work. Yes, a person who succeeded in both business and politics explains every trick of the trade he used as he studied and then lays them out for the world to see. This book could be re-titled as “Benjamin Franklin’s playbook for Success” and that would make perfect sense. You may also find that the general facts about our nations history are interesting as well!


Who Moved My Cheese

This is a short story about to mice living in a maze. I think it perfectly reflects everyone who lives and works in a modern economy. This book strips away all the complications of modern life and lays out the basic difference between people will win no matter the odds. Keep this book handy after you read it. Reading it is like a kick in the pants or a pat on the back. The encouragement and forward guidance to help you find success by realigning your mindset. The overall theme is persistence, flexibility and a willingness to let go of who you are so you can become who you might be.


48 Laws of Power

This book is very popular and I was surprised at the authors ability to both teach and entertain. This book is a collection of entertaining stories, or parables, about people and event that really had an impact on the world. The author makes an excellent attempt at illustrating the strategies and tactics used in these stories in a way that anyone can apply them to their own lives. This is a great read and its a book you will read more than once.


Economics In One Lesson

This simple book will alienate you from the “average joe” who lacks the simply understanding of how money works. Its a very clean cut book on economics that will train a business owner in understanding the subject of money and how larger events in the economy can impact your business.


California Construction Law

This book is the hands down best book available for referencing California’s construction and real estate law for a contractor. It gives the guidelines prescribed by the legislative body of our government as well as actual results from court rulings which is the judicial side of our government. The author, Sam Abdulaziz, takes great care in continuing to update this book and keep it as relevant as possible. This is a must have right next to your emergency funds and insurance policy!


How You Can Profit From The Coming Devaluation

This book written 40 years before the economic trouble of 2007 allowed me to predict the crash and profit from it. It contains the most complete investment strategy for and “average guy” and gives you straightforward advice that you will never get from a broker or other sales person. The great thing about this book is the author lays out every possible scenario  and creates an investment strategy that will cover all then options so you can protect yourself and profit.

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