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images (1)Marketing your business is tricky. You can have a great product but people need to know about it. At the same time you can’t annoy people with over the top in your face advertising. Here are some consideration when marketing your business.



These are something that help more seasoned businesses. When just starting out the only people who will be referring you are family, friends and existing business acquaintances. This small group of people can make a huge impact but remember for many of them there is very little motivation to refer you. SO MAKE IT EASY. Give your referrals an easy way to save and pass along your information to others. Try the following.

Send an email blast formally announcing your business with your contact info and web page. People can easily forward an email!

Create magnetic business cards and paper business cards and give them 5 of each.

Create a facebook and yelp page and link to your existing social networking sites.


Online Classifieds

Yelp, cgriagslist, angies list. Create a list of websites that you can advertise on and make a weekly schedule of logging in and posting new advertisement. Include keywords and pictures. Make sure your phone number stands out.



Create a simple website that explains who you are and what you do in simple terms. Put a picture of yourself hard at work and display the jobs you have completed. Your website is the modern version of your resume. They will use your website as a way to RESEARCH WHO YOU ARE after they find your business card etc. Put your best foot forward my friend. The real trick in making a website work is getting to the top search results. Godaddy will let you search for a .com name HERE. Double check that name on google before purchasing and try and find one with minimal competition for page ranking. Goaddady is also the only company that I know of with tech support people which is why I use them.




Promotional Items

T-shirts are fun but if you give them away they will end up in the back of someones closet. My favorite promo items are pens/pencils and travel coffee mugs. But these have limited impact. No one if going to trust you to remodel their house because they sat on your companies pencil.


Print Advertising

Firstly don’t advertise in a construction trade book or similar book filled with other contractors if you are a general contractor. For subcontractors this can work but you will have mixed results. Don’t advertise in real estate magazines or the newspaper because these are wastes of time. Nobody is digging last Sundays newspaper out of the trash because they remember seeing your add. Focus on classified adds in publication like the penny saver. People, especially old people, read the penny saver looking for contractors. Place your add where people will go searching for it.


Mailers & Door to Door

Door to door advertising is either tiring or expensive but it does work. Mailers too. Don’t get carried away however. Wait till the beginning of summer and target a few neighborhoods with your flyers, magnets, postcards or free inspections. Then sit back and see if its actually working. If not then refocus and try again next April. Don’t send out flyers in fall. This is just my opinion but nobody wants their house torn apart over the holidays.


Outdoor advertising

It works really well in my opinion. Purchase a large vinyl banner and a smaller yard sign you can stake into the ground out front. I have seen many people grab business cards from my yard sign which has a business card holder. Car magnets with business card holder also work well. Your vehicle will be in front of more people every day than all other forms of advertisement combined.

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