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no workIn the united states it’s hard to imagine a low standard of living even for the poorest of the poor. I know many will disagree but the United States has transformed into the apex of economic success. My great grandfather lived and worked through the great depression. He was a wounded soldier who had been crushed by a tank and lived with lung problem the rest of his life. He often found work  as a manual laborer digging ditches. Despite the fact he was coughing up blood regularly as he worked he couldn’t quit due to the line of people standing outside the job site ready to take his place.

The lowest people on the totem pole are the first to go when the going gets tough. It’s important for your own sake to elevate your skill level and become both more competitive and self reliant.  It’s also important to avoid debt and save your money.That’s the lesson previous generations have learned and passed down. But that lesson is being forgotten. The average american is desperately lacking in common sense, financial sense and job skills. But by becoming a contractor you can take back right to survival and hold it in your own two hands.

The first and most obvious advantage is the ability to produce physical good or act as a mechanic maintaining them. Sure the job description may start you out as just a carpenter. But as you progress you have the opportunity to gain knowledge in many different trades. That knowledge is your REAL WEALTH! That knowledge and tool collection of yours  can seamlessly be transferred into automotive repair or consumer good manufacturing. In a sea of low wage workers 40 hours to produce goods or services you can make in a single day you will discover what true wealth really is.

The second is the understanding of financial principles. I personally am not shocked at the financial crisis and expect the problem to continue developing. Becoming a contractor is the first step in climbing out of the mania we are in. A mania is a period of time when mass confusion  distorts people beliefs. A few signs we are in a mania right now are;

1) People believe creating debt and spending money are GOOD for the economy.  As opposed to saving money which is the traditional view.

2) People believe that the economy reflects the president’s policies. But really the economy reflects the people in the society. The choice of president also reflects the people in the society. The president and the economy are dependent on the people not the other way around.

So, as you gain experience and perform a wider variety of projects in different sizes you can begin to understand how the local and national economy works. How people are becoming poor or successful and how money management can affect you. You will be able to build a better financial base as well as develop a marketable skill of project and financial management.

Third, becoming a contractor can help your networking and marketing skills. It’s no secret that finding work isn’t easy. But by going out on your own you will sharpen your social skills and be forced to develop web skills.( sounds like the voice of experience) By creating a large network of people to rely on you will find you have gained more than you bargained for as the attitudes and work ethics of other motivated people rub off on you. Being the first pick in the employment queue is all about who you know.


I hope I have made the benefits of becoming a contractor obvious. The struggle of being an independent contractor will surely sharpen your skill set and set you apart from the crowd for the rest of your life. And when times get tough licensed professional will be the first choice of companies when compared to unlicensed individuals.

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