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dumbassThe advice in this article is coming from a  high school dropout with zero skills and zero coursework who not only landed good job after good job but also ended up being self employed. I will spell it out for you step by step. No it’s not easy, no it’s not going to happen overnight and yes you will have to show up places and do stuff so unmotivated dreamers can click the back button now.  Otherwise read ahead as I explain how people with no or few skills can get a job and even make good money.

Now I know some of you will be looking for a list of places or a link to an application site for people with low skills. This isn’t that article. In this article I will do two things



1) Explain the philosophy of making money

2) Tell you your career path and where to apply




The philosophy is probably more important than the strategy below. By accepting my philosophy of making money into your very heart and soul you will be able to land job after job. Print this out and hang it next to you bed. Read it twice per day until you land a job. This is your guiding light and your secret weapon. By repeating this every day you will change who you are mentally and everything else will fall into place.


1) I am are closer to knowing nothing than I am are to knowing everything. By admitting I am wrong I can accept new knowledge and become a smarter person.  I will strive to learn 1 new thing everyday and 1 new thing from every person I meet.

2)Failure is the first step towards success. All great successes have failed and as I fail I follow in their footsteps. I will strive for perfection in myself but when I inevitably fail I will accept that failure as a valuable lesson and continue moving forward.

3) Rejection is a sign that I am doing something right. 90% of the people in this world are clueless and make decisions that are bad for them. By rejecting me they have proven once again how foolish they really are. This loss is theirs only as I will continue onward to success and partnership with those who deserve my time.

4) I deserve to be rich. I have struggled and will continue to struggle because It is my right to succeed and I refuse to accept defeat. Their is opportunity everywhere around me. I must seize this opportunity to help myself as well as show other how to achieve their own success.



If you skipped the philosophy section then don’t bother reading this because you are doomed to failure. Those who understand  and accept why the philosophy section will change them into successful people can continue reading.


1) First you must decide on a career path. By picking a career path you can specialize your skills down the road and develop job security. If you are scared to make a decision don’t worry because you will find that job skills in unrelated industries often transfer better than you would expect. Just pick something from below that works for right now and you can always  change your mind later.

Pick which of these options appeals the most to you…

-A) trades work such as construction, vehicle mechanic or industrial equipment (working with your hands and producing things)

-B) customer service such as retail, hotel & spa or food service ( dealing with customer concerns and providing service to people)

-C) sales such as telemarketing, real estate or car sales (reaching out to strangers and offering them a  product)

-D) office work such as filing, creating reports or taking customer calls (producing or managing paperwork and computer systems)


It should be fairly easy to decide which of those categories best describes what you would like to do.  Pick one and go with it. I didn’t say go 50/50 and try two. Just pick one so you can concentrate 100% of your efforts and beat the competition who is  only putting 50% of their effort into competing against you because they aren’t as serious as you are.


2) Now create a list of the skills, assets or personal qualities of people in these jobs have or the skills their managers have. For example…

A) tools, truck knowledge of electrical or plumbing. knowledge of car repair engine maintenance, personality that strictly adheres to safety requirements, good work ethic

B) Pleasant appearance, good communication skills trade skills such as massage therapy or cooking ability, maybe the ability to work on computers or cleaning ability

C) the ability to be personable, follow up, confidence to reach out to strangers, ability to memorize facts about product, initiative

D) typing skills, filing skills, office management skills, spreadsheets or document skills, computer skills, organization skills, easy to get along with

Once you have an idea of those skills you need to dedicate yourself to studying those thing BEFORE YOU EVEN HAVE THE JOB.  EVEN IF YOU WON”T NEED THOSE SKILLS FOR THE JOB YOU WILL BE DOING. You may be applying at a construction company as  a ditch digger. It doesn’t matter. Pick up a book or find a website where you can begin studying. STUDY FOR 1 HOUR EVERYDAY. Also it’s important to work on your presentation of yourself do you dress appropriately and speak clearly? Are you a smart and engaging person who reads at least an hour before bed every night? (Hint! hint! reading these books is key!)

Once you have figured out your basic path (Step 1) and decided on the general skills a person will need (step 2) you will be ready to start applying for a job.


3) Now create a list of 10 companies that fit that category you could apply too.  Go to these business and ask for the manager or supervisor. The conversation will go something like this.

You: Hello, my name is  ________

Manager: Hello

You: I would really like to work here and I’m curious if you have have any positions available?

Manager: No/you must apply online/here’s an application/any response other than yes ( if they say yes than skip to step 4 below)

You: Well although I am only applying for the (floor sweeper/pooper scooper/ shelf stocker/ditch digger) position I am currently studying ( remember the skills from step 2…insert those here) so I think my resume would be a little bit more relevant than that of the other applicants who are just looking for another job. I’m really looking for a career in this industry and would be very interested and appreciative if you would be willing to let me email you my resume.  Could I please have your business card?

Manager: Sure (hands you business card)


Now start go around town asking for jobs and getting business cards. You now have a list of people who may hire you. If they have a formal application you can submit then go ahead but trust me these mostly get burned or filed and forgotten.

Create a brief resume of who you are and what you are currently doing or studying. Send this resume out to these managers right away. If you don’t get a response wait a about three months and send it again. Keep building that list of names until you land an interview

4) Once you land an interview. Explain that you are eager to work there and that you have been diligently studying for a job in this industry. Performing well in an interview requires not being nervous and dressing appropriately. Explain you are punctual, will work hard and be an excellent member of their team.


So there you have it. If you follow this advice exactly and don’t skip a SINGLE WORD of it I guarantee you will land a job. The surprising part is you technically didn’t learn any new skills yet! But you did promise your employer that you are studying to improve them.

Are you unhappy with that low paying job then read how to get promoted to the top of the company once you land that floor sweeping job. (Check it our here)

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