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Have you ever been doing a job walk and someone asked how bright it was in here and how bright it should be?

Well, there’s an app for that.

The foot candle light meter is a really basic app on google play’s store that can determine how many foot candles of light are shining onto it.

You can check it out here.

Building codes in North America frequently refer to foot candles as a measure of luminescence.HI-res

Minimum requirements often established as safety guidelines.

However minimum, and maximum, lighting requirements are  recommended for a variety of activities. These benchmarks are established to increase performance and reduce worker fatigue.

For example,

Warehouse lighting should be bright enough to read a large labels but not so bright as to needlessly waste electricity.

Workers assembling tiny parts need strong workstation lighting to see clearly.

Office workers need medium lighting to reduce eye fatigue when working long hours on a computer.






There are a lot of great light meters that perform the job of measuring light much better. Mainly because the use a large Fresnel lens to capture light from all directions.

But the reality is most people don’t carry around a light meter. But for only the fraction of the cost and with the convenience of your mobile device you can get pretty close with this application.

Maybe not good enough to certify to the ridiculous levels required by the state. But enough to make a confident decision about your lighting situation backed up by rea time measurements.







Here is a view from the main screen. This app is really simple. Open it and it start measuring the light right away. Unlike the professional light meters this unit can only measure light coming directly at it.


For example;

Lay it on the floor or work space and it will give you a great reading of the overhead lighting.

Point it towards the emergency lighting and see if you can get the 1 foot candle minimum.


This may not give you result you could report to a customer if they paid for a professional lighting investigation.

However for an electrician, building end user, architect or inspector this tool could be invaluable because it gets you 90% of the results of a professional tool at a fraction of the cost and 10x the convenience.




Foot Candle Light Meter for android phone or tablet

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