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4586764_f260As a part 2 to my post on guns I want to cover the parts to make these tools effective. You can save so much TIME & MONEY. This is the ultimate cordless drill accessory guide.

Now there are three types of people. People who don’t have drill accessories, people who have drill accessories rolling around loose in a big canvas bag and people like me who have their shit together and look like a professional. Now you can look like a professional with the following kit.

All of the lists below link to products.


Lets start with driver bits…

20140209_150303 - Copy

1. DEWALT DW2097CS 14-Piece Drive Guide Bit Set

These hold your screws in place so your bit doesn’t slip off the screw.

2.DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Adapter Attachment

This allows you to drill at right angles. They make a twist-able snake version but I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not sure if it works good. Very usefull for tight space or attaching in between studs etc.

3. SE – Bit Set – CRV, Security, 33pc – 7519SD

The link above is just one of the bit sets I have. But I have collected a few specialty bit sets over the years. These are for all those random odd things that come up when doing HVAC or assembling other manufactured products.

4. IIT Counter Sinks – 5 Piece Set

This countersink set is a really good deal. these are a must have for professional finish when working with metals and plastics.

5.TEKTON 6580 Automatic Center Punch &

Neiko Tools USA Adjustable Screw Depth Bit Holder with Magnetic Tip

The spring loaded punch prevents your screw or drill from “dancing circles” around your intended point of contact by creating a dimple for the tip to fall into. The adjustable depth setter is for drywall work. To be honest I have limited results with the depth setter and prefer the pro drywall gun if I’m setting more than a handful of sheet rock screws.

6.Milwaukee 48-32-4602 Shockwave 2-Inch #2 Phillips Power Bit, 5-Pack

These bits are a necessity if you have the impact driver. The old bits break constantly but these hold up very well. They come in packs of No. 2 which is the common size.

7.TEKTON 2902 Power Driver Extension Socket Adapter Set, Cr-V, 3-Piece

These allow you to attach to a socket set.(See below) This is my small socket set. My larger sockets are with my impact wrench set up.

20140209_150316 - Copy


8.TEKTON 2938 Quick-Change Power Nut Driver Bit Set with Detents, 14-Piece

This may seem redundant to the socket set but the hex bits are used way more often. Mine are a kit like the picture plus the ones I save from the simspon strong tie kits.

9.JEGS Performance Products W9003 Step Drill Set

I always go with these cheaper step bits. I really cant tell the difference between the $5 versions and the $60 versions. Maybe im missing something.

10.DEWALT DW2024B6 No. 2 Phillips/No. 8 Slotted Double Ended Bit, 6-Pack

These are sort of a dying breed because many people don’t set their driving bits directly into their chuck except when using an old fashioned cord drill. I still keep my cord drill in my truck but it’s days are numbered.

11.DEWALT DW2176 37-Piece Screwdriving Set

Multi driver bit sizes pack. This is the pack I originally bought and it contains a bunch of different sizes of Philips and flat head bits. These are the rarely used bits that you will only need if you happen forget your kit.

12.  & 13. Are sort of the junk drawer of my kit. The contain all the specialty heads I collect from different assembly kits over the years.


Now for the drill bits

20140209_150320 - Copy

1.Irwin Industrial Tools 341008 Speebor Blue Groove Pro Spade Bit Set with Case, 8-Piece

For boring large holes in wood.

2.Black & Decker 15097 Workbench Drill Bit Set, 17-Piece

These are my throw away bits used for just about anything other than wood or where I suspect they will be damaged.

3.DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece

These are the drill bits I care about. I mostly use them on wood and plastic.

4.13 Piece Hex Shaft HSS Titanium Drill Bit Set (1/16″ to 1/4″)

These are for drilling metal because when drilling metal you have 3 distinct steps. The first is using item #5 center punch followed by these hex shaft drill bits(this item). If you need a big hole you simply widen your small hole with the #9 stepped drill bits. The impact driver is the best the best gun for drilling metal.

5. Bosch HCBG800 Blue Granite 8-Piece Hammer Drill Bit Set

These are for drilling ceramic tile. Not for exterior concrete. Of course they can be used for concrete but any serious concrete drilling should be done with a full size hammer drill. These diamond tip masonry bits are perfect for drilling into tile or stone on delicate kitchen/restroom work.

A few extras…

20140209_150307 - Copy


1.Duratool D02167 Three Piece Drill and Cut Set

These are cross milled drill bits. They are for “cutting” sideways through wood. They fail miserable at this task on a large scale but they are very handy for shaving the inside of a pocket you have drilled into wood. For example if you have drilled an opening for a door handle but its just a hair too tight of fit you can use these to quickly rub off the outside edges of the hole. If that makes sense.

2.TEKTON 7576 Screw Extractor Set, 5-pc.

These are a life saver for removing stripped screws. Drill into the stuck screw head with a normal drill then insert the appropriate extractor and you will be singing praises instead of cursing.

3.Generic 30 Pc Allen Wrench Set- SAE/ MM

You probably can’t tell but I cut my allen wrenches so I can use them in my drill as needed. Saves a ton of time and works so much better than screwing them by hand.


Lastly the embarrassing bag of of loose stuff. Here I carry my multi chuck, my hole saw and hinge boring bit. These are loose with my “real” construction guns. My cordless guns are in a separate bag. Most people won’t carry these guns on a job unless they use them very often but I really wouldn’t consider myself a pro without them.



So that’s my accessory guide. If you carry a different set up then please let me know what else I am missing. This is the most thorough set up I have seen anyone carry for their cordless drills.

Thanks for reading



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