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Most contractors don’t build a significant marketing database but they should.  Email marketing is a key strategy in keeping your business relevant in the minds of customers.

The obvious first step is creating a spreadsheet with customer emails. This takes consistent effort to retain this information. I always add customer emails to the contract themselves so the information doesn’t go missing after a few months.


Emailing your customers should be done annually or semiannually. I don’t recommend snail mail or any other form of mail because most people will trash it right away. But after they see your email they will do what everyone does with email. Leave it sitting their inbox as they go back to their lives. But fortunately when they remember they need a contractor they can quickly search their inbox for you recent email.


Most people do this during the holidays but I recommend against that because then you are just another Christmas card during a time when no one is focused on their new project but rather organizing their holiday plans. March is a much better time because its right before the busy season and it puts you into peoples mind at just the right time…when they are planning a project. Don’t send out email blasts more often than every six months. Its just annoying.


The email should do a few things. The first is that it should have an easy search term like the word contractor or construction in the subject line along with you company name. It should also have a catchy subject hook so people open it. The content is almost irrelevant. Show some pictures of jobs you have done over the last year and write a half page no one is going to read(let’s be real here). All this email is doing is reminding your customers that “hey were here and were getting things done!” Here is an example.

construction email marketing #1

Some alternative headlines could be…

Acme construction one thing we learned this year


economic outlook for next year from acme construction


Think about creating some basic emails to send out and use my guideline. It works for me but the truth is I always tell them I’m too busy when they call. I just like to keep them calling 🙂

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