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hiring-signAs someone who has solicited a job opening, reviewed and hired construction employees I know how to get hired by a construction company. Let me explain how to create a great resume and how to get that resume in front of the people who do the hiring.



Writing a resume is no different than creating a magazine ad or television commercial.

You are selling yourself to the customer. Much like a t.v. commercial plays to the lowest denominator so must you. Who is looking at your resume? What can you do for them? Well let me tell you…the person looking at your resume is BORED because they have been reading resumes for the last hour. They may have been picking resumes out of a list of hundreds or even thousands. They want to find someone they would like to work with, who can provide good work and who doesn’t charge a fortune.

So knowing this how can we create a great resume?

resume 11) The first thing is to make the top 4 inches very catchy. I don’t care how it’s done (within a professional context).

A)Try a picture of yourself plus a good quote from some famous person.

B)Big bold letters that define what you do in crystal clear terms      ex:  Worlds best project manager  $35 hourly

C) Cliff hanger such as ” I’ve learned 5 weird tricks as a construction superintendent that no business can live without.

The wrong thing to have is your name because nobody cares about your stupid name. I know, I know. This is against the trend. So if I scared you away then go ahead and put Steve Stevenson in big bold letters at the top and hope some nice soul gives a shit.

Now don’t take this too literally. Lightening bolt stickers next to your name won’t land you that big career, but they will encourage the reader onto sentence number 2.


2) This is the simple statement of skills.  Using clear concise language explain how you can add value to the company. Use KEYWORDS to described your skill set because these will stand out. When the hiring person is quickly scanning 100s of resumes they will have a criteria in mind such as we need to hire someone with concrete experience. So they will start sorting through every resume where they find concrete and placing these in the maybe pile. Here’s how to get your resume into the maybe pile


Here is a good example…


10 years experience in the following…

Project Management               Estimating                            Class B License

Rough Carpentry                     Heavy Equipment            Concrete Finishing


Here is a bad example…


I have 10 years experience in the construction trades doing a variety of things. I have experience doing rough carpentry both framing and forming. I also have experience doing finishing work on concrete. My last employer was delivering material to the job so I also got several years experience driving large class b vehicles around. My other experience includes materials estimating and project management.


3) This is where you gives them the details such as your life story, where you went to school and how your first love broke your heart. By the time they are reading this they are considering you for the job. Just tell them the truth and that’s all you can do. If you have no skills or references try this link instead.


Getting hired is all about who you know, sending in a resume should be your last resort…not your first!


So you have a great resume? It doesn’t matter. You could be Jesus Christ carpentry expert ordained by God himself. Your still at the back of the line to the bosses nephew, the senior estimator’s drinking buddy and the guy who put a picture on his resume and the receptionist thinks hes cute.

Every time an ad for employment goes up there are two types of responses. The first is the people who send in some preformatted application into the human resources department and the second type is the person who calls and asks for someone in a position who can actually do something.

To get hired you have to be proactive. If there is an add your responding too and you can determine the companies information then go down to their office or pick up the phone and call them right away.

If you don’t have any leads then create some of your own. A simple trick is to look up companies in your area and get the email of someone their lower staff. Most of the time the emails are very similar such as Then look through the company directory and make some assumptions on the bosses email! Or you can send out an email blast to friends and family that you are looking for work. Here is an email blast…


resume 2




Remember, an email is a modern cover letter. Just explain briefly your experience and add a few pictures to get some attention. Then simply start sending it out.


Now if you read this article and you think that sending out a picture will hurt your chances you are so wrong. Your chances were never good in the first place and you can only hide who you are for so long. Most employers don’t care about physical appearance. They do care about hiring some sloppy, out of shape half brained idiot who will not help accomplish the companies common goal. Put on a suit, suck that gut in and give the camera a half cocked smile. See that wasn’t so hard.



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