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Construction divisions are important to understand because they help organize your large proposals and allow you to draft a professional contract presentation.

The 16 division system was created by the Construction Specifications Institute. They have now replaced this with a 50 division version but this 50 division version is really to complicated for contracts a normal general contractor would enter into.

The divisions re as follows…

Division 01   General Requirements

Division 02   Site Construction

Division 03   Concrete

Division 04   Masonry

Division 05   Metals

Division 06   Wood and Plastics

Division 07   Thermal and Moisture Protection

Division 08   Doors and Windows

Division 09   Finishes

Division 10   Specialties

Division 11   Equipment

Division 12   Furnishings

Division 13   Special Construction

Division 14   Conveying Systems

Division 15   Mechanical

Division 16   Electrical


Within these 16 division there are many sub divisions. Take division 9 for example, finishes. There are both floor and wall finishes in this division. Take division 14 which is conveying system, which has many different pieces of equipment but for most contractors is rarely used.

By breaking down the scope of work into division you can present a much clearer and more professional looking contract. Also because these division fit so nicely into a spreadsheet format you can create a huge list of square foot or unit pricing. This allows you to plug in job pricing quickly and then to turn around and get the job as well. So this reduces your time spent your working and increases your sales.

here is an example from the spreadsheet table of a CSI contract…

5 METALS      
  METAL HAND RAILING AT STAIRS LS $1,364.00 $1,364.00
  NEW ROOF HATCH AND STEEL LADDER LS $2,870.00 $2,870.00
  SUBTOTAL CODE 5     $17,953.00

As you can see its very easy to plug in specific items you commonly install or add new ones on the fly. The spreadsheet automatically adds the quantity and price together to create a price for each division. The 25 above represent units  and in the case I added in subcontractor pricing with the phrase LS which means “Lump Sum”


Further down the spreadsheet sums all 16 division together into one easy to understand layout.

SUPERVISION     $9,000.00
SUBTOTAL     $549,408.68
GENERAL CONDITIONS $549,408.68 3.00% $16,482.26
CONTRACTORS FEE $565,890.94 6.00% $33,953.46
GRAND TOTAL     $599,844.40


You can single handedly reduce errors, work faster and sell more jobs. Use your spreadsheet software to create a CSI for free now that you understand the basics. Other wise you are stuck working by hand with a calculator and creating a crude contract with lump sum pricing.

This spreadsheet is for sale in the products section under the title CSI division sheet.  You can spend $45 downloading this product or spend thousands of extra hours creating proposals for years to come.

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