Construction Safety Meeting

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In California the law requires a safety or tailgate meeting every 10 working days. There are two important things to do at these meeting.

1) Bring up a particular topic

Here is a list of topics and general information 

2) Get a signature from everyone explaining that they understand the topic discusssed

The easiest way to do this is to have the meeting right before you hand out out the checks. Here is a form you can download to collect signatures

The important part is to bring up a topic and allow workers the chance to bring up their own issues. By having them sign this document it will reduce your liability by creating an environment where people can bring up safety issues which shows safety initiative and legal compliance.


How to Write a Good Construction Contract

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contruction contractI rarely see good contracts. Most people just make some stuff up without really thinking about what they are doing but as you grow you will find it necessary to create a contract template that would take a beating from the talented and “useful” legal minds currently knocking clueless contractors into the poor house. Check out the products page for a fully legal contract template. This article does not constitute legal advice. Consult an attorney for more information regarding contract law.

1. Basics

A contract is an agreement between two people. It should always be in written form to avoid confusion. 

A contract can be changed when all parties agree through a contract addendum, amendment or in a construction contract a change order.

Signing a contract is called execution

A contract must be balanced, fair and drafted with the intention of not misleading either party.

It must name both parties along with their performance. Performance means what they agree to do within the contract.

A contract must meet all legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which it is subject.

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Filing a mechanic’s Lien – Step by Step

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slapheadThis is a very simple step by step instruction for filing a lien in California. The trick to filing a lien is making sure you follow all the steps from the very beginning so your paperwork is in order. Often in a construction dispute the contractor will wait until the customer wont pay before they begin to consider the legality of their paperwork. However the lien process is much simpler by having correct paperwork from the start.
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oldconstFrom what I understand, there used to be a time in construction where it was customary for the customer to tip the foreman, acceptable to have beer on your lunch break, and all kinds of cash was changing hands in backdoor deals called kickbacks.


Times have changed.

Below is language directly from the California Business and Professional Code

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loudmouth deadbeat homeowner gets come-upens

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crybabyEventually you will run into them. The person no one likes. They are the loudmouth deadbeat who will drag everyone down around them. But sometimes it’s nice when someone takes them down a notch.


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SB407 water conservation

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SB407 was approved in 2009 but started to take effect January 1st 2014. Basically another step forward on water conservation by requiring new compliant fixtures to be installed in building built before 1994.

There is several caveats and I haven’t had anyone bring this to my attention yet but it is something I expect we will be dealing with soon.


Why every contractor should be a jailhouse lawyer

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downloadThe jailhouse lawyer is a colloquial term for an inmate who is studied in law and can help others as well as themselves navigate the legal system. Unlike lawyers who train their understanding of law for profit, jailhouse lawyers are a product of necessity.

As a contractor you will need to be a jailhouse lawyer of sorts. Caged in by ever increasing laws your very survival will depend on the gritty everyday transactions of the business world.


Welcome to Jailhouse Lawyer 101- Contract Basics

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