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sneakIn case you are curious what is on my exam practice test here is a few sneak peeks.


Here is a preview of law and business questions directly from my practice exam…

  1. Why is it important to comply with all safety regulations from a financial standpoint?

 (A) Safety regulation follow through will never have a financial impact 

(B) Insurance companies may cancel coverage and retain prepaid premiums

 (C) Non compliance may increase liabilities after an accident

 (D) The cost of training replacement employees is very expensive

Correct Choice: (C)

  1. Health and safety orders must be where?

(A) Posted at the main office and every job site

 (B) In an employee welcome package

 (C) Posted at the main office

 (D) Accessible to all supervisory em ployees

Correct Choice: (A)

  1. What is the best method of recording safety and health meetings?

(A) Ask the accountant to keep meeting minutes

 (B) Require employees to sign a roster of attendance

 (C) Recording is not necessary

 (D) By videotaping

Correct Choice: (B)

Here is a preview of Trade questions directly from my practice exam…

  1. What is the maximum allowed spacing of nails to when installing a layer of drywall on a ceiling?


 (B) 7”

 (C) 8”

 (D) 9”

Correct Choice: (B)

  1. Heavy portable tools on wheels and scaffolding must always have what ?

(A) Unloaded weight Sticker

 (B) Two People to move them

 (C) Wheels locked when not moving to another location

 (D) Safety yellow paint

Correct Choice: (C)

  1. Job site offices infirmaries and mess halls must maintain how many foot-candles during operation?


(A) 5

 (B) 15

 (C) 25

 (D) 30

Correct Choice: (D)

 So you can see the test isn’t extremely difficult. A great part is memorization of the legal requirements and having a good knowledge of the trade for which you are applying.

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