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This article does two things for the small business owner. First I show you how to build a FREE WEBSITE that actually gets you business. Second, I show you how to store you DATA IN THE CLOUDS so its available on your office pc, home pc and cellphone for free.


Internet shopping is the only sector of spending tin the entire united states that’s growing all other forms of advertising are dying fast.

First you need a website host and basic website software. I recommend wordpress because its user friendly and its FREE! This video does a great job of walking you through the process of how to set up the site. If the directions in this video do not make sense please email or visit the wordpress website for more detailed instructions.


Spend as much time as you need here to get you website set up.  Make sure it includes the following; Your contact information, your licensing information and they type of service your provide. You may also include the areas you serve and some pictures of yourself or your past projects so people can get a sense of who you are.


Once your website is up and running try searching for it with a search engine. Did you find it? Of course not! Because the internet is so congested with websites that people will not find it easily. Here are the basic way to get more website traffic.

1) Create content (as in words on the website page) that have specific keywords relating your business. Some examples wood be trade terminology, your business name, zip code or city names or anything else people might use to find your business.

2) The real trick to getting customers on your website is a network of access points where customer will be lead to your website from other areas of the internet. The chart below shows what I mean. Create classified adds on website where people will go searching for contractors. Create youtube videos of project you are working on and post them with your city name and zip code so people can find them. If you are active on the internet make sure you post links for your friends, family and internet pen pals to veiw your site and forward your information to others. For example visit my website here –




That’s the basic method to get the ball rolling. The more time you spend creating a great website the more important it will become until it rises to the top of people search results. you get out what you put in. I would create at least a solid page of copy writing ( fancy word for advertising through written word) and serveal pictures or media because people love pictures!



A cloud is extremely important for a small business. If you don’t understand what a cloud is imagine a website that only you can access. This cloud website is constantly taking the information from your computer and storing it on the website where nobody else can see it. But if you computer crashes at home all your information will be safe on this website for you to download later. But wait, it does even more. A cloud allows you to link all of your computer together so that when you create a file on you home computer you cloud will automatically upload the file and share it with your other computers or smart phones.



This allows you to have access to all your files all the time. It may seem trivial but it’s small adaptation in technology that give one company a competitive edge over another.

Their are ways to create a free cloud yourself but they are very technical. im going to show you how to create a FREE CLOUD THE EASY WAY.

Use a program called dropbox. Here’s a video explaining drop box if you want more info.


That’s it…Good luck!


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