How to Ask for a Raise

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You want more money and less work.

Your company wants more work for less money.

It’s an important step in anyone’s career to ask for a raise and to get a solid answer from their employer. Let me take you inside the mind of your employer so you can get an upper hand at asking for a raise. This post has two parts A) Should you ask for a raise and B) How to ask for a raise.Your employer is already thinking about your position at their company. Trust me, as the person writing this article I think about my employees pay constantly and each person falls into three distinct categories for their ability to negotiate a raise.


How to Write a Good Construction Contract

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contruction contractI rarely see good contracts. Most people just make some stuff up without really thinking about what they are doing but as you grow you will find it necessary to create a contract template that would take a beating from the talented and “useful” legal minds currently knocking clueless contractors into the poor house. Check out the products page for a fully legal contract template. This article does not constitute legal advice. Consult an attorney for more information regarding contract law.

1. Basics

A contract is an agreement between two people. It should always be in written form to avoid confusion. 

A contract can be changed when all parties agree through a contract addendum, amendment or in a construction contract a change order.

Signing a contract is called execution

A contract must be balanced, fair and drafted with the intention of not misleading either party.

It must name both parties along with their performance. Performance means what they agree to do within the contract.

A contract must meet all legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which it is subject.


Email marketing for Contractors

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contractor marketing list

Most contractors don’t build a significant marketing database but they should.  Email marketing is a key strategy in keeping your business relevant in the minds of customers.

The obvious first step is creating a spreadsheet with customer emails. This takes consistent effort to retain this information. I always add customer emails to the contract themselves so the information doesn’t go missing after a few months.


Emailing your customers should be done annually or semiannually. I don’t recommend snail mail or any other form of mail because most people will trash it right away. But after they see your email they will do what everyone does with email. Leave it sitting their inbox as they go back to their lives. But fortunately when they remember they need a contractor they can quickly search their inbox for you recent email.


Construction Company Business Plan

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A business plan is an essential tool for a business owner. This business plan is as good for a fortune 500 company as it is for a sole proprietor. Not to get super cheesy but a business plan is more than just some document you file away.

candle business plan

A business plan is you guiding light.


Unlicensed Contractor Gets Caught

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The CSLB runs these sting operations from time to time where they bust people who are flagrantly advertising construction services without a license.

In some way I feel bad because these guys are just trying to work. But I lose that sympathy when they ask for 3/4 of the money up front. Either way it’s never smart to risk practicing without a license.

If you liked this the CSLB has ton of videos where they perform sting operations as well as other less exciting stuff.





How To start A Business

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start biz2

How to set up a construction business

STEPDecide Upon Business Entity

 There are several general business structures. You can read the states website here but I also give you my opinion below.

[State Business Entities]


Online Marketing for a Construction Company

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World_wide_webOnline marketing has quickly dominated business world as  a means of reaching your customers. But for some people it’s still a mystery. Often I hear of small businesses paying upwards of $5,000.00 dollars for a website that is basically useless.

So I decided to sell a basic affordable marketing service in my products area which will include the following;

-A very affordable 5 page website

-Website promotion tools such as like buttons & news feed section

-Listing the website so potential customers can find it through directories and inbound links

-A simple 1 page guide for the business owner on how to update and promote their website


Check out the products section to order your own website


Estimating Construction Costs

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nosegrindThe person who gets the job is the one who makes the most mistakes on their bid                                                                       – My Father


Charging For Estimates

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cashYes it’s coming back into style.

Most contractor’s can’t imagine charging for estimates. After all nobody is charging right? Well that’s what I thought but I have been known to be wrong.


Filing a mechanic’s Lien – Step by Step

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slapheadThis is a very simple step by step instruction for filing a lien in California. The trick to filing a lien is making sure you follow all the steps from the very beginning so your paperwork is in order. Often in a construction dispute the contractor will wait until the customer wont pay before they begin to consider the legality of their paperwork. However the lien process is much simpler by having correct paperwork from the start.