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drillThere is always a debate on which tool set is the best. Considering I have tried basically everything on the market let me explain which set I think is the best and why.

Before going any further…

It’s important to understand the difference between an impact driver and hammer drill.  Both of the sets I recommend below include each.  Each of these devices winds up a miniature hammering device within  the tool and releases a burst of sudden force very quickly over and over again. The big difference is the direction of the force.



As you can see the hammer drill forces the drill bit forward into the material with repeated tiny impacts which is useful for drilling through a hard surface. However, the impact wrench forces the drill to turn with repeated tiny twisting impacts which reinforce the turning action you would expect but with greater intensity. It’s important to have both of these functions so you will need a two gun set. Now on to the best model…



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The milwaukee drill and impact wrench combo are the best available right now. They are more durable, have a longer battery life and more torque than any of the competition. The built in  flashlight and the battery level indicator are also very handy. But for me personally durability torque and battery life are then most important issues. The brush-less motor engineering that allows such great performance is explained very well in the following video.


Milwaukee makes a variety of other combinations of drills but the two above are the best combo.  Everyone I know is switching to these two drills.



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The dewault combo used to be my favorite and to be honest I still love their tools. These also have the brush-less technology so their is plenty of power and battery life. Through my personal experience I can attest to the durability of their products. I still own the dewault set you see here along with their  circular saw which goes into my finish carpentry set up.  Like the set above these come with the battery gauge and mini work light built in. Although I do love these they finish a close second.



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Makita is the a trailing third to the above brands. I don’t recommend these to professionals because they are geared for homeowner in my opinion.  Now, they aren’t a bad tool at all. I actually own many of makita’s other products but I wouldn’t save $40 by buying this set to sacrifice the quality of the above two sets.


Other brands

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There are a wide variety of other brands. Many of which sell products that have outdated technology. I can’t recommend any of these whatsoever. I do keep a duffle bag of older cheaper drills that I give to temporary employees who are doing demolition jobs. But that’s about it.


For the homeowner on a budget

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If you have to get one drill to handle everything around your house then go with this milwaukee impact driver. It will give you the best all around service and will surprise you with its versatility.


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