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What potential problems are looming just out of sight?




1) Lead piping. Corrosion of lead and even copper or other metals is not healthy when consumed through drinking or cooking with water from your sink. I always recommend using a filter directly at your faucet for any water use, especially in older homes. The older your home is the higher the concentration of lead in your drinking water.

2) Air quality. Indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air quality. Despite many homes having modern air conditioning equipment. The simple solution is to buy a bulk supply of air filters from a discount air filter site such as direct air filter. Replacing the air filter regularly will prolong the life of your A/C system and reduce the unseen debris being pushed into your air.

3) Gaps, cracks and doggy doors. It’s never a pleasant surprise to find small insects or critters in your home. But these critters didn’t appear there by accident. The enter through the homes exterior which is actually very porous for small insects. The best way to keep them out of you house is to stop them at the drywall interior. Seal all gaps and cracks including those around exterior doors and even the door leading from your attic. Larger critter are usually drawn in by pet food through doggy doors.

4) Mold is a serious problem in many homes. It can comes from a variety of issues with the house relating to water damage in the walls or ceiling. If you even see a little bit of mold growing on your interior drywall you have a problem. Mold is similar to icebergs in the sense that if you can see a little bit then you know there is a massive amount just out of sight. Mold can make you sick and will spread until the situation is fixed.

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